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Here are some simple tips we’ve learnt over the past 15+ years

Storage Tips

We’ve been in the storage business since 2000 so we have many good tips on how to pack your belongings in order to keep them in pristine condition, as well as tips on how to pack your unit to get maximum benefit from the space available. Ask one of our professional staff members for tips and they will be delighted to help you. Here a few tips to ensure that your valuables are correctly packed and are well protected whilst in storage:

  • Use storage pads or mirror boxes to wrap mirrors and pictures.

  • Label all boxes on several sides with the room and the breakability of the contents. This makes it easier to find and unpack boxes at your new home.

  • If possible, take tables and shelves apart and store them on their sides. As with all your other goods, wrap them carefully and label each piece.

  • Sealing your boxes with packing tape helps to keep dust out as well as adding strength when stacking for storage.

  • It’s a good idea, not just from a safety aspect but also for the longevity of your lawn mowers and power equipment to drain any petrol from them. To prevent metal tools, bicycles and other equipment from rusting we suggest wiping them with a few drops of machine oil.

  • Refrigerators, freezers and washing machines, need to be thoroughly cleaned and free of water, including in the pipes, to prevent any water damage.


When packing your goods in your Narellan Self Storage unit

  • Pack the longer items like mattresses, beds and table tops along the walls of your unit to protect them and leave space for other items. Use pads and covers to protect your mattresses and table tops.

  • Refrigerators and freezers can develop mould and terrible odours if they are not switched on and the doors are kept shut. As you can’t switch them on in your unit make sure the doors are slightly ajar once they are stored. They make good storage spaces as well. Think of using all your containers as storage spaces.

  • Leave a clear aisle down the centre of your unit as this will give you easy access to all your items.

  • The rear of your unit is where you should store valuables such as electronic equipment.

  • If there are items you’ll need to access while they are stored with us then stack these at the front of your unit.

  • Couches should be stored standing on end, unless they are sofa beds as this will damage the mechanism. If you can’t dismantle your shelving units then use them as storage space.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to take some of the headaches out of moving and storing your goods. However, the best thing you can do is store your goods in a secure, custom-built storage facility such as Narellan Self Storage.

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